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Turning everyday waste into renewable fuels

About Us

The UK is facing a waste crisis, with millions of tonnes of rubbish being produced each year and more often than not ending up in landfill or finding its way into the natural environment.

We believe that we need to re-think the concept of waste, eliminating it where possible, but pertinently begin to think of rubbish as something that has inherent value. 

Our technology enables us to process a variety of waste – helping to divert thousands of tonnes from landfill and create fuels that reduce the end-users reliance on polluting fossil fuels and thus our national carbon footprint. 


Built on proven technology, with improved efficiency and profitability

Powered by 100% renewable energy and greener than other technologies

Capable of producing a range of fuel products, from solid combustible fuel to clean synthesis gas

Benefit from multiple income streams, including waste delivery gate fees and fuel sales

Supply a market hungry for low-carbon alternatives to coal

Bill McClintock

Chairman & Director

Bill is a highly respected figure in the UK property market, with over 50 years of experience in estate agency. He has held senior roles, directorships and major shareholdings with leading companies including Royal Life Estates, Cornerstone Estate Agencies and Hamptons. He is a former Chairman of The Property Ombudsman and a founder-director of The Guild of Professional Estate Agents. In recent years he has been involved with a number of successful start-up companies in the property sector. Bill oversees all aspects of property and business development at REWS.

Dennis Ng


Professor Dennis Ng is Managing Director and Principal of Hong Kong-based global property services companies Epic Asset Management Ltd and Ingenious Investments. Dennis has more than 25 years experience acquiring and managing highly successful residential and commercial portfolios for family businesses, high-net-worth individuals and large corporates worldwide. Since 2008 he has been involved in infrastructure and renewable energy investment projects in Europe and Asia. He is responsible for REWS’ business strategy and asset acquisition and management.

Matt Donegan

Head Engineer

Matt has more than 10 years experience at the forefront of the pyrolysis industry. He is an expert in the fields of plant design, manufacture and operation. Working with Ben he has experience in building and operating fully functional commercial-sized plants. They have since developed their own innovative technology for the REWS’ waste-to-energy systems which is seen as an industry leader within the sector.

Ben Harris

Head Operator

Ben has more than a decade of experience in the pyrolysis industry and has unrivalled knowledge with regards to manufacturing and operation. Alongside Matt he was the first to design, build and operate a fully functional commercial-sized pyrolysis plant, still recognised as the most successful technology of its kind developed to date.

Peter McCarthy

Advisor & Consultant

Peter has recently joined REWS as a consultant specialising in the wood pellets field. Since 2010, Peter has been involved with the production and sale of wood pellets to Blue Chip companies involved in pilot schemes in conjunction with the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (R.H.I), a government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat. Peter has acquired a widespread experience in the construction industry through his participation in projects involving new buildings. He has direct experience running companies under the guidance of the 1984 Housing Defects Act, as well as undertaking the re-construction of large numbers of Local Authority Housing stock. Peter was later involved with companies designing and building gasification and pyrolysis waste-to-energy projects and has continued to do so to date.

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